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Local Fishing Shop

Southern Utah is home to many lakes, reservoirs, and creeks that offer fun experiences fishing.
We can help you purchase your Utah State Fishing License and we stock the right lures, rigs,
rods, and other essentials to catch trout at Panguitch or that largemouth bass at Sand Hollow.

Since 1990, Dixie Gun & Fish has served the Southern Utah area as its premier destination for quality fishing tackle. Long before the big name stores hit town, this humble shop was setting anglers of all levels with the best gear and great advice to boot. Anglers can still stop here for all their rod, reel, tackle and supply needs for either freshwater or saltwater pursuits. We stock a wide variety of rigs, hooks, lures, lines, rods, or reels for any fishing situation you’ll ever encounter on our humble planet. Let’s go fishing!

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